‘The Irishman’ still hasn’t got a theater sing-off yet…

Interesting things happening in the Robert Deniro and Al Pacino film “The Irishman”. Apparently, the film (from Netflix), is set to be in theaters and many are discussing Oscar buzz, however, Netflix can’t come to an agreement for a theater release that doesn’t involve a full 90 days in theater before Netflix can do what they want with it. It’s an interesting standoff to be honest and one which surely will have an effect on the business from this point forward.

Netflix didn’t respond for a comment, but we’re pretty sure this one is going to change the way things are done moving forward. Netflix is a powerhouse these days and they want it their way or nothing at all. Remember “Birdbox”? Don’t we all…that film killed it through Netflix and probably would have died a slow death via the traditional theater system.

What oh what is going to happen this time? We shall see!

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