James Wan has a new lead character

James Wan (famous for his horror films like Annebelle and Insidious) is at it again with another (what looks to be), interesting horror film. Up till now, however, the speculation has been on whom is going to be the lead in this new potential series of films. Well, the news is in and it’s interesting.

British born actor George Young has apparently landed the role and sources tell THD that he is going to be something special in the role. The film is tentatively called “Silvercup” and is slated to begin production this fall.

“Silvercup” will be the very first significant roll for Young since is breakout role in HBO’s “Grace”. We are told he is going to be very important in the next series of film and insiders say his screen tests have been the stuff of horror legend…so let’s hope this is as good as is sounds like it might be.

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